Tips for Moving with Your Family

While no one likes moving day, sometimes it’s simply necessary to move from one house to another. Occasionally a job requires that you relocate, or sometimes you decide you’d rather live elsewhere. Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, make your next move with your family as easy as possible when you follow these easy tips:


Plan the Move Together

Once you’ve realized that your family will need to move house, you must plan the move together as much as possible. Obviously, small children will not be able to make adult decisions, but they may have input about how they’d like to live. If it’s possible to take a few of their preference into account throughout the moving process, you may find that it goes more smoothly. They may also want to help pack their own things, discard specific items as they prepare to move, or take certain items with them in the family vehicle instead of packing them on the moving truck. These planning steps can help everyone feel more at ease throughout the moving process.

Consider Hiring Professional Movers

Unless you have a large team of friends or family that can help you move, it often makes sense to make a list of moving companies and hire them. These skilled workers are used to lifting others’ belongings all day, and they know the best ways to move furniture and boxes into a home without damaging anything or injuring anyone. Professional movers tend to make a move go far more quickly, as you can get out of the way and let them handle the heavy, bulky items instead of worrying about how you’re going to get them out of your old home and into your new one.

Stay Flexible

Moving can be extremely stressful event for everyone involved. It’s important to stay as flexible as you can about things like where specific items are initially placed and how the timeline is carried out to keep everyone as relaxed as possible. Moving day will be chaotic, with many people going in many different directions. Keeping stress low and maintaining flexibility can help make the experience easier for everyone involved.

De-clutter Early

You may have a period of time between knowing that you will move and the date you’ll be moving. If this is the case, use this time to sort through your belongings and decide if you want to move them all. It may be time to consider donating or selling anything that you won’t need to use at the new house or that you don’t use very often at this one. This process can simplify the moving process, as there will be less to pack, move, and unpack. You may also be able to pack up off-season items, holiday decorations, and things that you only use some times of the year and then put these items directly into storage when you move to your new home.

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Gather Documents in Advance

As you get settled in your new town, you’ll need to sign up for utilities, sign a lease, register your vehicles, enroll your children in school, and more. You’ll need various documents to perform these activities, and it’s important to have them in one easy to access location. If you need to access someone’s birth certificate and it’s buried in a stack of boxes, it’s only going to increase your stress levels. Please spend some time before moving to gather up your important papers, filing them appropriately, and shredding anything that you no longer need. This is also an excellent time to request any duplicate documents that you need and file the paperwork to change your address.

Label Everything

While it can be tempting to toss items into boxes haphazardly, especially as your deadline looms, it’s important to realize that this will only cause you stress and frustration in the long run. Avoid taking shortcuts throughout the moving process, and instead, take the time to label everything. If you’re short on time, consider labeling boxes with only the room that they’ve come from or the room that they’ll be going into, as then at least you’ll have a general idea of what is in the box. Also, keep box sizes small enough for you to move around your house on your own so that if they get placed in an incorrect room, you can move them to the correct room as necessary.

Pack Essentials Together

When you first arrive at your new home, there will be some items that you’ll need before others. You may need access to your coffee pot, a cell phone charger, any medications, items for your small children, and a pet’s leash, for example. Pack these items in one box and label it with brightly colored tape or a marker, then keep it separate from the other items as you move. This will help ensure that you have everything that you need as you start to get settled in your new home.

A skilled moving team can make the moving day far less stressful and far more simple, ensuring that everything winds up where it needs to be quickly and efficiently. In order to make this possible you should start with making a list of moving companies that you can choose from. When you use these tips, moving day doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Instead, you can plan your next move with your family to be as convenient as possible, so that everyone’s things arrive in the new location safe and sound. Move your belongings with ease with this moving guide.