How to Choose a Moving Company

The moving company you choose will determine your experience when moving, which is why you should invest time and effort in this process.  Please don’t make the mistake of selecting the first option you come across because you will regret it in the end. There are several moving companies to choose from, but you will get the right one if you do things right. Below are a few tips that will go a long way in helping you make the right choice.


1. Experience

This is one of the most important things to look out for when choosing a moving company. Experience has the most significant impact on the quality of services they provide. You should select a moving company that has been around for some time and handled long distance moves. Many challenges will come up when moving, and an experienced moving company is in a better position to deal with them. You will have peace of mind knowing experienced movers are handling the move. Professional movers are also better when it comes to handling valuable and fragile items. They know the right packaging materials to use to ensure your belongings reach your new home safely.


2. Good Reviews

Once you have a couple of companies on your list, the next step is to find what other people are saying about them. This is an important process that will let you know whether a moving company can provide quality services. People leave positive or negative reviews detailing their experience, and you should read both of them. The negative reviews will help you know the complaints past clients are making and how the moving company responded. A couple of negative reviews should not worry you because it is normal, but they should not be a lot.


3. License and Insurance

You should always ensure the moving company is licensed and insured before you hire them. Anyone can get a moving truck and call themselves a moving company. This makes it important to ensure the moving company is licensed and insured. This will protect your belongings when moving. One way is to make a list of moving companies and filter them based on their credibility

Movers are required to register with the U.S Department of Transportation for interstate moves. They are given a unique USDOT number. Make sure the DOT number is valid. There are requirements a moving company has to meet before they get a license. The requirements are there to ensure they can provide quality services to their clients.


4. Transparent rates

Many people factor pricing when choosing a moving company. The rates will be based on the number of movers you are going to need and the number of hours. You should remember that it is the base rate, and it doesn’t include additional services and packing materials you might need. You will also notice higher rates when moving large and heavy items. It is hard for the moving company to give you an accurate estimate over the phone, but you can get a rough idea of how much they will charge.


5. A good fit for your needs

Every move is different. Whether you are moving a studio apartment or a four-bedroom house, it is important to ensure the moving company can accommodate everything. Have a closer look at your individual needs, then ask the moving company the right questions to help you know if they are the right fit or not. Some of the things include;

– Whether the moving truck the company has is big enough to fit your belongings. This is important because some furniture will need enough space while abiding by physical constraints.

– Whether the moving company provides additional packaging supplies such as bubble wrap, moving blankets, garment boxes, etc.

– Whether they have a time window meeting your needs and a guarantee that they will pick up or deliver your belongings to the new city you are moving to in a given time frame. The dates and times should be convenient for you.


6. Beware of rogue movers

A very small percentage of moves end up being a fraud. This is why you should make sure the one you are choosing is a legitimate company. The good thing is there is a lot to choose from, and there is a good chance you will find the right fit. There is no need to lose your belongings just because you did not take some time to verify whether the moving company is legit or not.